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Coding & Game Design: Advanced Level 3

For students who have completed beginner and intermediate Coding & Game Design. It's time to step it up to advanced!



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At this point in your computing education you have put in almost 100 class hours, completely dedicated to programming.  You have a strong technical vocabulary and are well beyond a fundamental understanding of how a computer scientists thinks and problem solves.  In this class you will be given more independence and input int your games.  

A Summary


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Coding & Game Design:  Beginner Level 1

Coding & Game Design:  Beginner Level 2

Coding & Game Design:  Beginner Level 3

Coding & Game Design:  Beginner Level 4


Coding & Game Design:  Intermediate Level 1

Coding & Game Design:  Intermediate Level 2

Coding & Game Design:  Intermediate Level 3

Coding & Game Design:  Intermediate Level 4


Coding & Game Design:  Advanced  Level 1

Coding & Game Design:  Advanced Level 2

Coding & Game Design:  Advanced Level 3


We prefer that all of our Coding & Game students are solid computational thinkers because they have already completed 



Minimum Grade 6th Grade
Complexity Level Medium
Length 60 minutes / Class
Subject Area Core coding challenges to prepare for AP Computer Science

Target Audience


Ideally, a student will complete:

All four beginner levels of Coding & Game Design in 4th grade.  

All four advanced beginner levels of Coding & Game Design in 5th grade.  

All four intermediate beginner levels of Coding & Game Design in 6th grade.  

and two  advanced levels of during 7th grade.  


After these classes we ask student to consider attending APCS prep classes


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