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3D Modeling with Blender: Beginner Level 3

3D Modeling with Blender: Beginner Level 3



Blender is a software tool that supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline —modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, motion tracking, video editing and 2D animation pipeline.

In this introductory class students will learn about:

  • WindowsScreens and Scenes: We start the class by diving right in. You quickly learn to navigate Blender by getting comfortable with the window, screens, user interface and building a scene. Without these basic navigation skills, it's easy to become frustrated with Blender technology.
  • Properties Panels & Settings: Here you will get to know all the tabs, render settings of the properties window, render layer settings, scene setting tabs, sky and atmosphere World settings.
  • Materials and Textures
  • Particles and Physics
  • 3D Modeling Basics: Objects, vertices, edges, loop cuts, subdivision and extrusion.


Must complete Beginner, Level 1 before this course.   Must be competent and confident with navigating your way around a computer.  A laptop or desktop with the latest version of Blender3D.


Age restrictions: After testing this material on a younger audience we have determined that this course is best suited for the computer savvy middle schoolers, high schoolers and adults. Fifth grade and above is a good guideline, but we do understand there will be exceptions.

Target Student: Artists who want to learn to bring their assets alive Game developers who wish to expand their skillsets Complete beginners who are willing to work hard Creative minded individuals that want to bring a concept to the digital world, be it real world physical art or digital art.


YES.  After each class, you will be given a verbal challenge, where you will need to create or modify a design using the new features you have learned in class. It's important to master these skills as our classes build on each lesson.


Minimum Grade

Advanced 4th grader but best suited for 5th grade and up.

Complexity Level

Medium to High


60 minutes / Class

Subject Area

Windows, Screens and Scenes, Properties Panels & Settings, Navigation, Materials and Textures, Particles and Physics, 3D Modeling Basics

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Commonly Asked

Commonly Asked

How many classes will I attend?

This course consists of eight meetings, each lasting one hour.   That's a total of eight weeks (eight hours).  This course is one of three within the beginner level.  

Can I take any course I want?

Not really.  We ask that you take the classes in order starting with beginner levels and work your way to intermediate, then advanced.   However, take these at your own pace.

After I register do I need to buy software?

No.  Not for this class.  We use a software suite called Blender3D and it is open-source.   Open-source refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible.  In simple terms, that means free for me and you.  

If I complete all eight courses, in every level, then what?  What's the end goal? 

Beside having the ability to create digital forms of anything you can think ... your path is wide open.   You could actually get work to work.  You could work for yourself by becoming a freelancer or work for a company as an artist, rigger or modeler for a production studio, ad agency, or a game company.  We like to encourage our graduates to start with putting work in the Blender Marketplace.

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