Coding + Game Design: Beginner Level 1

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Coding, well to be honest, it's not for everyone.  Computer Scientists MUST be able to write code but not all computational thinkers need to.

It may be a surprise to you, but here at Computational Thinkers, we do NOT think that everyone needs to learn to code.   We do, however, think that everyone should learn to THINK COMPUTATIONALLY.  However, for those truly interested in pursuing programing, then this is a great place to start.

Coding and Game Design is specifically designed to be accessible to non-technical readers and younger learners, with language carefully chosen to maximize their  understanding of programing (aka, “coding”).


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We think everyone and anyone can be a programmer (aka, "write code").  However you have to want to.  Those that enjoy programming tend to poses certain personality traits.  In truth, there’s no way to say for sure how well you might do as a programmer until you try it.  Still, it’s not a coincidence that some of the best programmers share the following traits. 

Having a vast amount of patience

Above all else, a successful programmer has to have a near-endless amount of patience. That’s because programming isn’t at all an easy thing to master, and even the best in the field run into stubborn bugs, logic issues, and other troubles in their projects. When that happens, the only way through it is to stick with the work.

Ability to Pay Attention to Details

Due to the complexities involved, programming is not a task for people who don’t sweat the small stuff. It is instead an exercise in paying attention to the smallest details.

A High Degree of Creativity

Contrary to the rigid, logic-driven image that programmers conjure in the popular imagination, the reality of great programmers is that they’re some of the most creative people in the world. Studies have confirmed that creativity has the strongest correlation to the programming ability of any other personality trait. If you stop to think about it, that makes perfect sense. After all, the essential task of programmers is to find new ways to solve problems via the code they dream up and what could be a more creative endeavor than that?

An Innate Desire to Learn

The last critical personality trait that every great programmer needs to have is an insatiable curiosity and a desire to learn everything they can.  just about anyone can become somewhat adept at programming if they’re willing to put enough time into it, but to stay great in a field that’s changing and advancing every moment – you have to want it.

Before starting this course, we prefer that you complete 

This course does require 

  • The use of a laptop or desktop computer, a tablet (iPad or mobile device) WILL NOT work. 
  • Every programmer has to be able to type on a keyboard, not a touch screen.
  • We have a typing speed standard of roughly 5 words per minute (WPM) x grade level, so a 4th grader should be at roughly 20 WPM.

Target Audience

This suggested student is:
  • A 3rd or 4th Grader who is comfortable with keyboarding, using browsers and has previous Computational Thinking experience.
  • Middle school students, with no previous program experience interested in learning how math and physics can be applied to creativity.
  • Adults learning to code for the first time will find this course a gentle and friendly introduction to coding that avoids unnecessary jargon and technical complexity.



YES Thought the course, programming tests will be given to confirm your understanding.  This helps the instructor determine if/when you are ready for the next level.


A Summary


Minimum Grade 3rd Grade (8/9 years old and Up)

Complexity Level Medium

Length 60 minutes / Class
1 Day a week

Subject Area Javascript Coding