Electronic Music Production, Beginner - Level 1

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This beginner course will show learners how to make their own music, explore music fundamentals and production through a collection of classroom  projects.  For the beginner musician, the music they hear and experience when watching films can be truly formative.   This course covers the building blocks of music and synthesis by giving hands-on experience in recording, sound design and composition using the sounds of their everyday lives and mashups where they will  create and perform their own.


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No prerequisite class.  Just a love for learning.

HARDWARE:  Students must have a laptop or desktop computer.  We suggest a mac but PC works too.  Tablet alone, will not work for this class.  The ideal setup would be one device (phone or tablet) for the conference call.  Another device for Ableton use, giving you maximum screen real-estate when working on in-class projects.

SOFTWARE:  Students will be asked to install software on their laptop.  No costs will be associated with this software.  

As a artist of electronic music, we would like to encourage you add to your digital arsenal by finding time to circle back to these lessons, at some point.


A Summary


Minimum Grade Better for students 4th grade and up
Complexity Level Medium
Length 60 minutes / Class
Subject Area Producing music with a laptop as your instrument.

Target Audience

We think this is best for students 4th grade and up.


NO.  You won't be tested but you are expected to complete the in class assignments and project work, which is kind of like a test.